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Smokey McPot and special guest Komatic of @Technimatic take to the wheels for episode 12.

This one is a real journey of styles, from deep jungle, to mid 90s jump up and everything in between. Get it locked.

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Gang Related & Mask - Dictation
45 Roller - Funkindemup
Babylon 5 - Yes yes 95 
DJ red - Murder One
Pascal - Funkadelic
Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh Remix
175 Crew - Turn on the Heat Again
IQ Collective - Transmission
The Successful Criminals - Crazy Lover
Aphrodite - Summer Breeze
Liftin Spirits - Cup a cha
Earl Grey - Rugged
Jazzmin - Snow
Axis - One in Ten
Glamour Gold - The Only One
Bukem and Peshay - 19.5 
Majistrate - Run it
Zinc - On Fire Tonight Remix
Aphrodite - Woman the Rolls
MA3 - Those DJ’s
Ganja Kru (Pascal and Zinc) - Magic
Sounds of life - intellect
Ganja Kru (zinc) - No Fear
?? - Street knowledge/Everyday junglist vocal
Dopeskillz - 6 Million Ways
Jonny L - Piper
Rufige Kru - Terminator 2 Remix

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