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Odyssey Music Box // Box of Musical Delights

PARIAH // 6:00pm - 8:00pm //10.5.2014

The Pariah studio had been assembled and music was being crafted in their individual, futuristic style which first caught the ears of Doc Scott and Blame. The first release came through Wolverhampton’s Urban Flavour Records and received heavy support from Fabio, Doc Scott and Dr S Gachet. In the few years that followed music was released on labels such as; Funk 21, Nu Directions, Inperspective Records and Covert Operations. During this time Blame had been guiding and mentoring Pariah to the point of releasing tracks with his 720 Degrees imprint which hadn’t gone unnoticed by LTJ Bukem a firm relationship with Good Looking Records followed up until 2004. In 2010, work meant a short break was needed. Now, Pariah returns with new compositions that have that futuristic edge and a drive to push the boundaries of the Drum and Bass sound with Odyssey Recordings.

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